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Internet Of Things & Electronic Solutions Design

Explore the full potential of IoT in your business endeavors to unveil existing and future opportunities to increase your revenues.

Our Business Partners

Our in-house IoT, Domotics, and Robotics experts.

We can create customized end-to-end solutions that will positively impact how you do business. We take care of the hardware and software that support your intelligent ecosystem, including building dashboards for your devices with all the relevant information you should control, data transfer to the cloud, and continual support and maintenance of your products.

Customer-centered Approach

How We Can Help You:

Together, we lay out a customer journey map that allows understand your customers’ behaviors and their interactions with your product at every stage. We can turn your idea into a well-thought, user-friendly, and beautiful interface. Taking into account accessibility, responsiveness, and user experience to deliver impactful web and app design focus on conversions.

Our IoT Services

Electronic Design for IoT Use

Connect smart devices with your public or private cloud and safely exchange real-time data using the latest hardware, software, and security in place.

3D Electromechanical Designs

We make electromechanical designs from scratch using 3D printing technology. Reusing your hardware components saves you time and budget for your organization. We incorporate new features to the current chassis of your equipment without buying new hardware.

Customized IoT Solutions

Our customized IoT solutions expedite equipment upgrades without the need to discard your existing hardware. Additionally, you can incorporate new features and functionalities depending on your demands allowing your organization to scale uninterruptedly.

Firmware Solutions

Our experts have designed custom modular firmware solutions that considerably reduce software assembly and implementation. Our client-approved approach embodies the development of small blocks connected one to another. We deliver MVPs ready after a few iterations that allow you to be one step ahead of your competitors. We use open hardware solutions that facilitate you easily acquire new hardware without any ties to manufacturers.

Ready-to-use-Product Delivery

Start using your products immediately without the need to contact third parties. Our team provides you with all the necessary support and technical training. The starting point is the hardware and software design, then implementing the solution, transferring the data to the cloud, and creating informative dashboards for your different devices to support the decision-making process in your organization.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Us?

Core Services

Cloud & DevOps / SRE

A cost-effective approach to leverage cloud-based solutions improving scalability and security.

Software Development

Customer-centric digital solutions developed with the latest technology.

Big Data & Data Analytics

Intelligence tools to organize and analyze large volumes of data for better business decisions

Quality Assurance

We work with your team to prevent, test and fix all the possible software quality issues.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s build AI solutions to automate your critical processes and create personalized data-driven systems which move your business forward.


Adopting blockchain in your organization will benefit your business with our scalable, cost-effective, and powerful blockchain development solutions.

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