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With your priorities in mind, we have designed a sequence of steps to achieve your goals. Let s go over them. Do you want to learn more?

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Why Work With Us?

  • Direct and effective communication. You know at which stage your project is at every step of the way.

  • Agile development methodologies and best practices allow handling changes and incorporating new project requirements according to your demands.

  • Continuous integration and delivery of new and relevant features at the end of each iteration. Changes are welcome and handled together.

  • Short iterations of 1 to 3 weeks.

  • Flexible size teams to meet the needs and priorities of your business.

Project Definition

First thing, let’s agree on your project, its timeframe, and budget.

1-2 Iterations

  • Iterations

Let's journey together through the project's stages


  • Agree on the set of features to be implemented in the iteration.


  • Planning meeting of the iteration. Only once in the cycle. Duration 60-120 minutes for all stakeholders, including the client participation. The objective of this meeting is to choose the functionalities to implement and clarify the doubts that the project team may have. Likewise, it serves to align the client expectations with the project team's understanding of the project.

  • Daily review meetings. Monday to Friday Duration 20 minutes. The purpose is to focus on what the team accomplished in the previous day, what will work on the current day, and discover if any blockers or impediments prevent them from progressing in their tasks.


  • Client

  • Project Manager

  • Project team (Requirements Engineer, Business Analyst, UX / UI designer, Developers (FE, BE, Mobile) Quality Assurance / Test Engineer, Deployment Engineer).

Expected Results

  • List of functionalities to develop in the iteration.

  • List of identified risks and measures to be taken to mitigate them.


  • Applications for meeting development (GotoMeeting, GoogleMeets, Zoom, Microsoft Team), Google Docs, Applications for project management (Jira, Redmine, TFS)

Client Testimonial

“… They are a proficient team offering high quality software development solutions. Always available and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our business needs …”

Vinny Mullineaux

CEO of Vertrax

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Together, we design a strategy that aligns with the current market trends to build and launch a successful product.

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