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IT Consulting

We have defined an IT Consulting Process based on the experience gained with our clients from a practical point of view.

We apply Attribute Based Design (ADD) and Architecture Tradeoff Analysis (ATAM) design methods to focus on quality attribute requirements and risk minimization. Discover today the benefits of working with our experts team.

Our IT Consulting & Implementation Services


Our cybersecurity experts will help you identify security threats in your company's IT environments. Based on that, our consultants build personalized cyber security incident response plans to address all the critical points that might harm your business and IT infrastructure. We will provide solutions on data protection and privacy, Cyber and Infrastructure Security and Security Assurance.

Digital Transformation Strategy

We assist you in integrating digital technology into all areas of your business, whether you need to transform end-to-end processes into automated digital solutions or continue embracing digital process automation to operate your company and boost your productivity.

System Integration Consulting

We can help you manage your enterprise information in an integrated system that includes machine systems, computer hardware, inventory, data, software, and informatics applications. System Integration facilitates the process of managing your information, allowing you to make informed business decisions at all times.

Cloud-based Solutions

Development, deployment and support of IT solutions using the DevOps methodology in both private and public clouds. Deployment of management systems, servers and services for private and public clouds.

RFID Solutions

We create electronic identification solutions for cargo, products and people. Don't lose track of anything within your company.

Reconfigurable Computing

We develop solutions on reconfigurable hardware platforms to accelerate the performance of critical processes in embedded computing applications and algorithms with medium and high levels of complexity.

Firmware Development & Robotics

Build your embedded computing, internet of things or mobile robotics product with us.

SRE Services & Operations

Monitoring servers, networks, apps, cloud services. Fast incident troubleshooting. Root cause analysis and incident prevention. Auditing the security of IT infrastructure and patching detected vulnerabilities. Help desk.

Our Work

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Why Choose Us?

We apply the Attribute Driven Design (ADD) and Architecture Trade-off Analysis (ATAM) design methods to focus on quality attribute requirements and risk minimization.

We observe technologies from a practical point of view, enriching the proposed solutions agreed with our clients

We aim at solutions based on open standards to increase flexibility and profitability that ensure clients a low cost and easy maintenance final product.

Deliverables rank from reports to presentations describing the project scope, schedule, and risk assessments. The final product we offer is measurable from physical, functional, and quality standpoints.

Our Business Partners

Core Services

Cloud & DevOps / SRE

A cost-effective approach to leverage cloud-based solutions improving scalability and security.

Software Development

Customer-centric digital solutions developed with the latest technology.

Big Data & Data Analytics

Intelligence tools to organize and analyze large volumes of data for better business decisions

Quality Assurance

We work with your team to prevent, test and fix all the possible software quality issues.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s build AI solutions to automate your critical processes and create personalized data-driven systems which move your business forward.


Adopting blockchain in your organization will benefit your business with our scalable, cost-effective, and powerful blockchain development solutions.

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