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Enhance Your Redmine Experience with the AvangMine Mobile App

Create an app that simplifies the visualization of dashboards and statistics, making it easier for users to interpret results and manage their tasks.

Overview of the product

AvangMine is a new mobile application designed for Redmine users, aiming to enhance task visualization and management on mobile devices.

The challenge

Redmine users needed a more accessible and visually appealing way to manage their smartphone tasks and projects.

The goal

The goal was to create an app that simplifies the visualization of dashboards and statistics, making it easier for users to interpret results and manage their tasks.

The Solution

Description of the implemented solution

AvangMine offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface for managing projects, tasks, and issues in Redmine from mobile devices. The app includes several features:

1. Login screen: Users can log in with their Redmine credentials.

2. Dashboard: Displays general statistics and a list of projects the user belongs to, highlighting the number of pending requests.

3. Agile: Presents a Kanban board with tasks and their respective statuses for the selected project.

4. Settings: Users can switch between dark/light mode and log out.


Key features and functionality overview

The app provides users with the ability to identify quickly:

– Number of reported issues

– Number of assigned issues

– Number of hours reported in the month

– Number of overdue tasks

It also summarizes issues by project in the “To Do” and “In Progress” categories. It displays the points of the selected project on the Kanban board with different statuses. Overdue tasks are marked in red.

The Process

The solution was developed and implemented through the following steps:

– Conducting a study of similar applications and deciding to develop a new app based on the findings.

– Defining the backlog with approved functionalities in collaboration with the product owner.

– Designing and approving low and high-fidelity prototypes.

– Developing the application to meet the client’s needs.

– Testing the app and fixing any bugs found

The Results

● Quantitative improvements or accomplishments

This first release of AvangMine addresses essential functions according to the client’s primary needs. There are plans to continue evolving the app to improve it and satisfy more users.

● Qualitative changes and benefits

The app offers:

– General statistics for quick identification of reported issues, assigned issues, hours reported in the month, and overdue tasks.

– A breakdown of issues by project in the “To Do” and “In Progress” categories.

– A Kanban board displaying issues of the selected project in different statuses, with overdue tasks marked in red.

– A comprehensive user manual to guide users through the app’s features.


Key learnings and conclusions

Integrating mobile project management and agile project management methodologies, the development of AvangMine successfully addresses the challenges Redmine users face.

The app ensures a streamlined and efficient approach to managing projects by focusing on work items and prioritizing tasks based on their business value. It enhances team collaboration and enables users to adapt to changes quickly, ultimately leading to improved project outcomes and customer satisfaction.

We continue to build up the app and provide you with even more powerful tools to manage your tasks and projects in Redmine.

The development of AvangMine resulted in a mobile app that meets the proposed objective. Group cohesion played a crucial role in achieving the expected results quickly.

Our team will define new requirements for future versions of the app.

Get ready for the upcoming releases of AvangMine!

Start using AvangMine App Today!

Client Testimonial

"For any Redmine user frustrated with juggling multiple projects, AvangMine is the answer. I am trying to figure out how I managed without it before. Invaluable."
Harold Smith
AvangMine User
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