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UI/UX Design

We design with your clients in mind, offering a seamless and intuitive product that increases customers’ engagement and retention.

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UI/UX Design

Great software combines science and aesthetics as part of the design process.


At GSI General Software Inc., we exploit all instances of the design thinking process to obtain a final product that is visually appealing and also highly functional.

What We Offer

Our services include all web-based solutions and mobile applications.

The Process

ui/ux design

Discovery Phase

First and most important, we should understand your business philosophy and the results you expect from your software. We define the project objectives, timeframe, milestones, and what should be delivered at every stage.

UX Research

This phase is fundamental to understanding user physiology and proposing solutions to convince them to consume your product. We consider that human-centered design is indispensable to launch successful digital products. Therefore we focus on delivering what your audience seeks.

User journey and Sitemap

The next step would be mapping the touchpoints of the users. It helps us predict what they will encounter and prepare to respond to all the questions about the product. We also ensure that all information is accessible and easy to find with just a couple of clicks.

User Testing

Allows reproducing the omnichannel experience of lookalike audiences while using your products. We use the right tools to uncover potential usability issues that impact your conversion rates and overall user experience.

Wireframing and prototyping

At this stage of the process, the design feels almost alive. We sequence the user experience in screens and path macro and micro-interactions. A clickable prototype helps you see what to expect from the final product and how you interact with it.


Finally, our design team and developers work together to provide all the technical specifications they will need for the development phase.

Do you need to turn your ideas into reality?

Our expert designers are here to help you


Our teams develop solutions in all the relevant technologies and tools:

Why Choose Our Approach?

Your time is your greatest treasure

That's why we make a heuristic evaluation of the product, going through all its phases from your perspective. Focusing on resolving the obstacles we could encounter allows us to achieve the objectives on the stipulated dates.

We design for people

That's why we prefer human-centered UI / UX design services. Thanks to the feedback given in the initial development rounds, we take your needs into account. We then refine the insights in subsequent iterations: our team details every stage of the process, from data collection to user definition, flowcharting, user journey mapping, wireframing, and prototyping. Finally, you get a high-fidelity prototype similar to the final product; we leave nothing to chance!

We give maximum importance to your success

That's why we consider accessibility, responsiveness, and user experience to deliver impactful web and application design focused on conversions.

If you have already developed a website or application and the user experience is not good

We will help you improve it through a UX Audit. We invest time in understanding valuable data such as conversion metrics and traffic/engagement alongside usability, mental modeling, and compliance with UX standards. Your needs become our goals!

Core Services

Cloud & DevOps / SRE

A cost-effective approach to leverage cloud-based solutions improving scalability and security.

Dedicated Development Team

Build your product with a professional and proactive team that adapts to your needs.

Software Development

Customer-centric digital solutions developed with the latest technology.

Big Data & Data Analytics

Intelligence tools to organize and analyze large volumes of data for better business decisions

Quality Assurance

We work with your team to prevent, test and fix all the possible software quality issues.

Artificial Intelligence

Let’s build AI solutions to automate your critical processes and create personalized data-driven systems which move your business forward.

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