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Distribution Supply Chain Case Study

Optimization and enhancement of Welltrax, a Cloud-based management software for the Bulk Commodity Markets

Overview of the product

Welltrax, a cloud-based solution for bulk commodity trucking, empowers clients to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and optimize business in real-time. With an intuitive driver workflow, adoption is swift and straightforward.

The Challenge

Develop independent React modules and divide the migration into stages using the same modular architecture of the platform. Migrate and publish the solution without disrupting the service using modules. Have the newly updated platform up and functioning before the expiration date of the Flash technology.

Our client requested from us a seamless migration to:

– Maintain the operability, quality of services, and prestige for the 45 companies that were using the system at the time.

– Improve and upgrade the current features of the software.

– Allow the platform to scale and support upcoming features and more clients without decreasing its performance.

– Ensure its continuous optimization, support, and maintenance to offer uninterrupted service in real-time at a large scale.

The Solution

We carried out an incremental, iterative process in which modules were migrated and operational after going through an arduous quality process to guarantee the stability and integrity of the application during the migration.

We decided to use React for the frontend since its component-based library lets you build high-quality user interfaces. At first, the platform was segmented into modules, so we developed independent React modules and divided the migration into stages using the same modular architecture.

We developed the modules using an iFrame-like approach, where each new React module was embedded in the Flash module and then migrated. This allowed us to send the platform to production by areas without affecting the services or shooting down the platform. Ultimately, the system migrated to React and always remained operational.



The Results

Welltrax is a cloud-based tracking software designed for bulk transportation companies with all the required functionalities to manage loads, tickets, dispatching, scheduling, invoice, and payroll. It allows the drivers to enter single or mass load data, lead miles between pickup and drop-off locations, and manage the lifecycle of a load in a centralized location. Additionally, they have access to route optimization to increase operational efficiency and reviews and real-time reports ( dynamic reporting functionality that allows customizing the business data needed by the user).

Upgrades and new functionalities added to the preview version:

– Real-Time Load and Asset Tracking

– Robust Reporting

– Drag and Drop Dispatching

– Electronic Ticketing

– ELD/Telematics Integrations

– Load Management

– Integrated Invoicing and Payroll

– Business Analytics and Intelligence

Client Testimonial

... They are a proficient team offering high quality software development solutions. Always available and willing to go the extra mile to satisfy our business needs ...”
Vinny Mullineaux
Vertrax CEO

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