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Auditing, Assessing, Testing, and Beyond!

We welcome requests for auditing already launched products and services and assessing international quality standards compliance. There is also the professional capacity for executing the quality assurance process alongside the products and services. Our teams take it from your vision and make it happen by planning, designing, implementing, and reporting every quality aspect for each product increment and iteration. It is about attention to detail, mindful exploration, and several years of experience improving our ways. Our satisfied clients and high-quality deliverables are the best tokens of our work.


What if Quality Assurance Could Be Our Next Project?

It is common to perceive Quality Assurance only as a process within a development project built with cross-functional roles. But it can also be the central theme. We have built a capable team that performs at different test levels with methods, techniques, and tools that satisfy the specific needs of our clients in terms of infrastructure, platform, security, test coverage, and market quality standards. All done in a short period.


From Audits to Reverse Engineering, Every Aspect Is Key to a Higher Quality Outcome.

Finding defects, tracking errors, and identifying the root cause for unexpected behaviors is not only part of the testing stage within the development lifecycle, but it also delivers value beyond one single product or project. For redesigning products and services, migrating a solution to another technology or platform, or identifying improvement opportunities for an already launched product is essential to have great Quality Assurance professionals capable of getting the job done with the maximum level of detail. It supports the development teams in enhancing or conceiving new solutions. Among the most valuable outcomes that we can offer while auditing or prepping a reverse engineering effort are:

  • Documentation is very detailed in terms of quality standards compliance and functional assets.

  • Desired quality standards accomplished during these processes are set as the reference to involving the rest of the team in a new development or relaunch of your products and services.

  • Defects and improvement opportunities are clearly stated and described, adding a deep understanding of the actual context of the matter.

  • Bottlenecks are identified and possible solutions are presented to the managers to enhance business operations.

  • In the long run, it saves money. No product plagued with errors and defects can survive long in a highly demanding market.

  • Data collection also supports decision-making processes and enables managers and product owners to draw a new path to follow.


Versatile teams where manual and automated testing converge.

Software testing represents the critical step between product development and its launch to the market. The higher the quality and aesthetics of a product are, the higher its acceptance and spread will be. We have an extensive background when it refers to manual testing.

We provide:

  • Exploratory, regression, and smoke testing for web, mobile, and desktop applications

  • Browser and platform compatibility testing along with responsive design verification

  • Mobile testing based on interaction design, interruption, recovery, and visual standards compliance with the different libraries and styles for each OS

  • Accessibility testing and auditing compliance with the WCAG, WAI-ARIA, and ADA standards, guidelines, and checklists

Core Testing Services

Functional testing (Black box)

We have gained experience testing web, mobile, and desktop applications for different industries. The Test Strategy and Planning, the Test Cases design, the execution per se of those cases, and the formal reporting of findings are among the processes we run. We commonly use several scenarios based on the Acceptance criteria for each User Story to ensure we cover every angle we can foresee.


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IT Consulting

Together, we design a strategy that aligns with the current market trends to build and launch a successful product.

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