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Chatbots and AI: Technological innovation for your company

Discover here the best artificial intelligence (AI) tools for your company. Optimize your efficiency and profits with the use of chatbots.

The rise of AI is due to the growing amount of data, advances in learning methods, and the increase in computing power. Unlike during the Industrial Revolution, this phenomenon does not focus on physical labor, but on processing and logical reasoning activities. Its complex algorithm allows it to perform tasks that require intelligence and learning.

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OpenAI has developed Chat GPT, an extremely popular AI, although there are others with various functionalities. Artificial intelligence has transformed our interaction with technology in various spheres of society.

Chatbots are one of these tools, capable of automating repetitive tasks and optimizing workflows. Continue reading to learn how to improve your company’s efficiency with artificial intelligence.

Chatbots: Integration with business tools

Chatbots are artificial intelligence systems designed to interact with users through natural language. They are capable of providing accurate and useful information based on the input provided.

They use a previously built and updated knowledge base, which allows them to understand the meaning behind the words and phrases presented to them. In addition, chatbots with grounding can use machine learning techniques to improve their understanding and response to user questions.

But how can we harness their power to take our company to the next level? Their potential use in the business world goes beyond the queries we make almost daily. By integrating them with tools used in the business world, they can access custom databases. (figure 1)

 Figure 1. Chatbots with the database process

In this way, they can perform queries, useful analyses, and even execute automated actions in a matter of seconds. Here there are some examples:

  • Drive: Chatbots can be integrated into cloud storage platforms. This allows team members to interact through voice or text commands. In this way, they can perform tasks such as searching for documents, verifying access permissions, and notifying colleagues about important updates.

  • Talk: Companies can improve customer service by integrating chatbots with Talk, an artificial intelligence solution. This way, they can quickly answer frequently asked questions, providing useful information. This is especially beneficial for companies with a large number of customers or high demand for customer service. They can also detect specific customer needs and offer personalized solutions.

  • Wiki: It is possible to use artificial intelligence to provide information and answer frequently asked questions for employees. This technology can learn from previous interactions to improve the accuracy and efficiency of responses over time. This saves time and resources for support staff.

  • Email: Artificial intelligence can automate responses to frequent emails. It can also provide information about the company and its products efficiently. It can also notify team members about important updates and offer personalized solutions based on customer needs.

  • Alfresco: Integrating this AI into enterprise content management platforms has many benefits. These virtual assistants contribute to the efficiency of the workflow by automating repetitive tasks. This means that staff can focus on more important and strategic tasks, increasing productivity and reducing the time needed to complete them.

  • Redmine: Chatbots in project management platforms improve communication and collaboration. They can provide important information to team members, keeping them informed and updated. Another advantage of this application for companies is that it can schedule tasks, assign them, and even close them, simplifying human activity.

  • CallRecording: This integration in call recording platforms improves the efficiency of support staff and the quality of customer service. It provides quick answers to frequently asked questions, reducing wait times and improving customer satisfaction.

After learning about the multiple functionalities that can be obtained from chatbot technology, you may wonder how they can be implemented in practice. The answer is through computer programming. In this regard, we recommend assigning this task to a qualified team that guarantees you the best performance. In our company, we provide development services with artificial intelligence , adapted to the needs of your company.

By implementing chatbots and AI tools in various business areas, companies can improve their operations, optimize efficiency, and adapt to changing market demands. Ultimately, the early adoption and leveraging of these emerging technologies will enable companies to stay competitive and prepared to face the challenges of the future.

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