Construction Project Management Case Study

Build a web application to manage the Kahua platform in the browser

The client

Kahua is an American company founded in 2009 whose purpose was to build and launch novel project management and collaboration solution for real estate, design, engineering, construction, and operations.

The product

A construction project management solution designed to help businesses in healthcare, education, commercial real estate, and other sectors organize project files, manage documents, and facilitate collaboration with internal and external stakeholders. It enables contractors to track various submittals including shop drawings, material or product data, samples, and more on a unified platform.


Kahua platform was initially developed for local use on a desktop or as a mobile application for Android and iOS systems. However, they required a web application fully accessible online to increase accessibility and offer a better experience to their clients. For this purpose, they needed a dedicated team of developers that integrated with their IT staff and was able to implement the web application in a set period.

Our team had to assimilate within a month the analysis and design patterns followed by Kahua and implemented in their platform, as well as get involved with their development flow. During that set time, Kahua could determine if our developers were able to align with their standards and business logic.

Our team was in charge of the following tasks:

Building a web application based on UNO technology in web assembly that was capable of using the business logic of the existing desktop and mobile solutions and without involving any major changes to their current platform.

A GSI dedicated development team (.Net and NetCore experience) had to assist their clients in setting up their workspace and add or upgrade applications (within the project management system) depending on the clients’ specific needs and required functionalities.

The solution

Firstly, our team focus on mastering UNO and UWP technologies in the shortest time possible, to level up their understanding of the Kahua platform and work side by side with their development team. For that purpose, our company used a Pair-Programming approach to prepare the new developers that Kahua would request. The developers involved in this endeavor should master the patterns analysis and goal-oriented design used in Kahua, as well as the computer application development methodologies that they followed.


The GSI team implemented most of the applications included in the basic package of the platform in the web solution. while Kahua’s team developed the rest of the applications. After concluding with our initial task of implementing the web application, we were involved in upgrades made to the desktop solution as well, which was possible thanks to the knowledge acquired during the period we worked with their team and after assuming the development process used by Kahua. The team also developed and updated a plugin that was intended to integrate Microsoft’s outlook with the Kahua platform.

Client Testimonial

“… They are an extremely competent … professional organization. … They are timely, efficient and use best practices in their development work. GSI is a trusted partner and a tremendous extension of our team. I would recommend them without hesitation …”
Brian Moore

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